Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Georgia Gray?


Me of course...Although you may know me by my previous alias ;0)   

For those of you who have just landed here - Hi, I'm Georgia, you may have come across me before in my previous incarnation as an independent Escort before that, I was a Holistic Skincare Practitioner, not that I totally left 'Escorting' behind when I decided to offer Erotic Massage. After embracing a more holistic way of life, giving myself a full-body makeover, slimming down, toning up & losing 4 stone in the process I combined my favourite skills and became 'Georgia Gray - English Erotic Bodywork Specialist'


So what do you actually do?

I offer a little more than just the usual 'Sensual Massage'  To be more precise - I offer an erotic Lomi-Lomi full body massage including a total body slide with a choice of hot aromatherapy oils or creams that I blend according to my client's needs and apply with my usual naughty twist. All my sessions are 'passive' which means you do not have to worry about performing or pleasing me in any way. You can just lay back and let me take care of all your needs.

What happens during an 'Erotic Bodywork Session' and what makes it different from all the others like Erotic massage, Thai massage, Sensual Massage, Swedish Massage etc?


I'm trained in Lomi-Lomi & Aromatherapy massage. I am also a qualified Sports Massage Therapist (don't worry I will not hurt unless you ask me to ;0) 'My Erotic Bodywork sessions' are a mixture of Sensual, Erotic, Lomi-Lomi & Aromatherapy Massage. I'm sure I have no need to explain 'Sensual & Erotic' to you so I will concentrate on the differences between Thai, Aromatherapy & Lomi-Lomi massage. (I have dedicated a full page to 'Lomi-Lomi' Massage further on) To help relieve tension and enhance flexibility 'Thai Massage' includes the same stretching, gliding and kneading motions that are characteristic of a Lomi-Lomi Massage but unlike Lomi-Lomi Massage where the masseuse will mainly use their hands & arms to make long sweeping movements, a Thai Masseuse will move you into a series of yoga-like stretches in the process. They will also apply deep muscle compression and joint mobilization. It is often described as the 'lazy man's' yoga but unlike Yoga and My Erotic Bodywork Sessions, Thai Massage can be quite painful.

Another major difference is that I use massage oil while Thai Massage is traditionally given 'dry' and if they do use oil it will just be a base oil like grapeseed etc. I too use a base oil but the massage oil that I use also contains essential oils (aromatherapy oils). These penetrate your body and have multiple benefits beyond a nice smell. They affect your mood, alleviate pain, help your body to detoxify, and have a variety of other effects. I mix the essential oils with a base oil like sweet almond, jojoba, or grapeseed oil and depending on how you want to feel after your massage is finished you can choose from a blend that is either relaxing, balancing or invigorating. For instance, if you want a relaxing massage I might use lavender or bergamot and for sore muscles, I might include peppermint and ginger. When it comes to the more intimate part of the massage I will revert back to a plain base oil as the last thing you want is ginger or peppermint on your more sensitive parts.

Like a Thai Masseuse, I still use different parts of my body during the massage but instead of moving you into different positions, I gently glide my body over yours to sensually apply the heated oils that I have prepared for you. I am told my Erotic Body Slide is a Body Slide like no other. Unlike some places, My Kinky Body Slide involves my full body, not just a breast to back rub. My Erotic Body Slide incorporates every single part of me. Yes, I do have a general massage routine, but as is usual with Lomi Lomi Massage I tailor each session to the individual. So if you are looking for a very serious massage session with a fixed routine and a therapist who will not deviate from her prepared plan then maybe I am not the masseuse for you but if you want a personalised session with a cheeky twist that's relaxing & fun but will still leave you feeling great then I am definitely the one for you!

What can I expect from an Erotic Bodywork Session?


At the start of every session, I will run through a short consultation. This is to access your needs and to ascertain that there are no contraindications. Although aromatherapy is a major part of this massage, I understand everyone’s situation is different so let me know beforehand if you need to be discreet and I will prepare some aroma free oil just for you. If you do decide to go with the essential oils, I will give you a choice from a couple of different oils that I feel will be beneficial to you. I will let you smell your individual mix whilst describing what essential oils it contains and what effect they will have on your mind, body & spirit. I do tailor each session to the individual but after we get the introductions out of the way I like to start with a sexy shared shower. (assisted shower only in the 1-hour sessions) This also gives us a chance to get to know one another which will help us both relax. As you may already be aware regardless of whether you are looking to enjoy some of my more kinky moves or not, a shower at my apartment is always non-negotiable!


Afterwards, we will go back into my massage room which you will find is stocked just as good as any other professional therapy room. I will then start the massage by giving you deep inhalations of your personalised blend as this is the quickest way to get it into the body. Although we are both naked and my hands are prone to wandering the first part of the massage session is what I call the 'proper' massage. During this time I will get to work on any physical problems you may have, getting rid of any knots & areas of tension that may be present. I am proud of the fact that I am a qualified masseuse and with 'My Erotic Bodywork' you get the best of both worlds. 


My Erotic Bodywork massage sessions include a naked full body to body erotic massage, total body slide, hand relief, oral without to completion (protected oral is available), rimming & prostate massage. Each session has a one-off fee with no extras expected. Unless of course, you request an additional service that's usually reserved for one of the longer sessions, then a supplement will be added (only available with prior discussion) If that is something you enjoy you will need to book a longer session (see availability page for rates) Please use google if you don't understand any of the sexual terms above. If you need to ask me the meaning then I will take this as a sign that you are either a 'wanker' or not ready for the kind of service I offer. Do however feel free to come back when you have fully matured.

Joining 'The VIP Club' opens up your eligibility for my more Exclusive Sessions, although those sessions will remain by invite-only regardless of any prior meetings or club memberships.


I will not go into the more intimate details here I will save that for when we meet but I can assure you that although I can in no way be classed as a 'sub' I do like to indulge in some lengthy penis worshipping. However, this does not involve a cum twice option. I am a firm believer in quality over quantity hence the reason why I practice edging. Do not worry if you suffer from premature ejaculation as I find that edging especially when combined with prostate massage really helps you to stay in control. However, the first few times you receive a prostate massage you will need to go at a steady pace & leave the edging until you are more experienced with this aspect of erotic anal play. Edging during prostate massage is a fantastic way to overcome premature ejaculation but it will not happen overnight. You will need to work on it but any work put in will not only be totally worth it but enjoyable too. If you would like prostate massage or rimming please let me know when you arrive as I am sure this isn't something you want to be surprised with.


Until we meet,

Keep me in your thoughts,

Georgia Gray

Image by Sigmund